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Crocodile (จระเข้ Chorakhe) is a 1980 Thai horror film directed by Sompote Sangduenchai. This is the second Thai crocodile film.


A giant crocodile is killing and frightening Thai people living nearby rivers. Two men, whose wives and daughter have been killed by the crocodile, decide to chase and eliminate it.


  • Nat Puvanai as Dr. Tony Akom
  • Ni Tien as Angela
  • Angela Wells
  • Kirk Warren as Tanaka
  • Robert Chan
  • Bob Harrison
  • Nancy Wong


The international version produced by Dick Randall differs significantly with Sangduenchai's original cut:

  • The hurricane at the beginning is longer.
  • The scene where the crocodile attacks a herd of water buffalo occurs much later than in the Thai version.
  • Randall created a new opening credits scene where the crocodile is seen devouring a pair of naked women.
  • Sequences from other Chaiyo films are inserted into the film, including a scene where three children are eaten by the crocodile.
  • The crocodile's lengthy attack on a riverside village takes place in two separate scenes in Randall's version.
  • The ending was altered: In the Thai version, Tony destroys the crocodile after throwing a dynamite fuse into its jaws. The international version has Peter's self-sacrifice causing the explosion.

When Randall's version was distributed in the US by Herman Cohen, further edits replaced the opening credits and end card. The American Humane Association rated this film unacceptable due to a scene were a live crocodile is slashed to death with a knife.


  • This movie is on the American Humane Association Unacceptable list due to a live crocodile being slashed with a knife