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Dinocroc is a 2004 horror film, starring Charles Napier and Joanna Pacuła, produced by Roger Corman, and directed by Kevin O'Neill. It had a limited theatrical release in early 2004 before premiering on the Syfy Channel in April of that year. It was followed by 2 sequels Supergator and Dinocroc vs. Supergator.


A prehistoric dinosaur, known as the Suchomimus, is genetically engineered by the GERECO Corporation, headed by Paula Kennedy (Joanna Pacuła). After being spliced with a modern day crocodile, the creature escapes the lab and begins terrorizing the lake-side residents of a nearby town.


  • Costas Mandylor as Dick Sydney
  • Charles Napier as Sheriff Harper
  • Bruce Weitz as Dr. Campbell
  • Matthew Borlenghi as Tom Banning (as Matt Borlenghi)
  • Jane Longenecker as Diane Harper
  • Max Perlich as Deputy Kerrigan
  • Jake Thomas as Michael Banning
  • Kerri Hemmington as Annie Dexter
  • Price Carson as Edwin Danders
  • Joanna Pacula as Paula Kennedy


Composer Damon Ebner created background music for the creature, similar to that in Jaws. Every time the creature is near, attacks, or chases a victim, the background music, which was made up of orchestral and choir, accompanys it.


After Corman produced Dinocroc in 2004, he proposed a sequel to be named "Dinocroc 2". However, Sci-Fi Channel turned down the project after claiming that sequels did not do well for them. In 2007, Corman decided to go ahead with the project, but under the name Supergator.

In 2010, Roger Corman produced a third film, Dinocroc vs. Supergator, which featured the two creatures from Corman's earlier films battling one another. In the film, the Dinocroc and the Supergator escape from captivity (Dinocroc was possibly recaptured while they created a new clone of Supergator since Supergator died in the previous film). It first aired on Syfy on June 26, 2010, it was directed by Jim Wynorski and starred David Carradine and John Callahan.


The film has received poor reviews from critics. Dinocroc currently has a 2.9 out of 10 rating on IMDB.


It received a Golden Galaxy Award from the American Science Fiction Society.


It was censored due to the brutal death of one child in the movie. Only on DVD do you actually see Michael's death.


  • In the opening title sequence the newspaper snippets say "archaeologist" when in actuality it is palaeontologists, not archaeologist, who deal with fossil crocodiles.
  • In the opening title sequence the newspaper snippets mention scientists discovering amino acids in a 100 million-year-old fossil. Fossils are living matter that have been replaced with stone and therefore have no amino acids in them.


Dinocroc (German Trailer) 2004

Dinocroc (German Trailer) 2004