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Fabrizio De Angelis


Fabrizio De Angelis

Music by

Riz Ortolani

Killer Crocodile is a 1989 horror film about a Killer Crocodile that mutates when exposed to large quantities of toxic waste, which has been dumped in the water where it lives. The film stars Richard Anthony Crenna (son of actor, Richard Crenna) and was followed by a sequel, Killer Crocodile 2, in 1990.


A group of friends investigating the illegal dumping of toxic chemicals in a swamp must defend themselves against an abnormally huge Killer Crocodile, which has become more aggressive than normal due to prolonged exposure to the toxic waste. The Killer Crocodile manages to kill many people, before it is cut up by a boat propeller at the climax of the film.


  • Richard Anthony Crenna as Kevin
  • Julian Hampton as Mark
  • John Harper as Bob
  • Sherrie Rose as Pamela
  • Ann Douglas as Jennifer
  • Thomas Moore as Joe
  • Van Johnson as Judge
  • Wohrman Williams as Foley


The film was shot back-to-back with its Sequel Killer Crocodile 2. It was filmed on 35mm film


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