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Giannetto De Rossi


Fabrizio De Angelis, Camillo Teti

Music by

Riz Ortolani

Killer Crocodile 2 is the 1990 low-budget sequel to the 1989 film Killer Crocodile. It was directed by Giannetto De Rossi who created the animatronic crocodile in the previous film.


Liza Post is a New York journalist interested in a story about the cleaning up of a stretch of polluted river and swamp in the Caribbean which is to be made into a holiday resort. However she finds out that some barrels of radioactive material are unaccounted for when she arrives to investigate. This nuclear waste, responsible for mutating a giant Killer Crocodile that wreaked havoc in this area before it was cleaned up, has given rise to another Killer Crocodile which is killing off anyone unfortunate to be on the water. Crocodile hunter Kevin Jones, responsible for killing the original monster, is called on for help when Liza goes missing.


  • Richard Anthony Crenna as Kevin
  • Debra Karr as Liza
  • Thomas Moore as Joe
  • Terry Baer
  • Héctor Álvarez
  • Alan Bult
  • Paul Summers
  • Tony de Noia
  • Peter Schreiber
  • Frank Tood
  • Neil Maugham
  • Alan Seigel
  • Clara Ginehez
  • Martin Sellers
  • Joe Scott