Lake Placid 2 DVD

Lake Placid 2 DVD cover, regular edition

Lake Placid 2 is a 2007 television horror film starring John Schneider and produced by Sony Pictures and the Sci Fi Channel. This is the sequel to the 1999 film Lake Placid. Aired as a Syfy original movie on April 27, 2007. The rated, and unrated DVD, releases of the film are distributed by 20th Century Fox. They also distributed the unrated Blu-Ray.


Years after the events of the first film, Sheriff Riley investigates the disappearance of a researcher in Lake Placid. Emma, a member of the Fish and Wildlife department, is enlisted to help him. At the lake, they discover the severed head of the missing man, and move to decide to question Sadie, Delores Bickerman's sister. Sadie refuses to aid the investigation, and they leave. On their way back into the town, they are attacked by a twenty foot crocodile, and their boat is destroyed. They swim to the shore, and the crocodile follows them. Sadie is revealed to be feeding the crocodiles with hormone enhanced meat, and two of them have mated, creating a nest of giant eggs.


  • John Schneider as Sheriff James Riley
  • Sarah LaFleur as Emma Warner
  • Sam McMurray as Jack Struthers
  • Chad Collins as Scott
  • Alicia Ziegler as Kerri
  • Joe Holt as Ahmad
  • Ian Reed Kesler as Thad
  • Justin Urich as Larry
  • Cloris Leachman as Sadie Bickerman
  • VJ Kewl as Rachel
  • Robert Blush as Frank
  • Jonas Talkington as Cal Miner
  • Terence H. Winkless as Deputy Dale Davis

Home mediaEdit

Lake Placid 2 was released to DVD on January 29, 2008 on both rated and unrated versions. The unrated Blu-Ray was released in 2011.


  • While waiting for mama croc to show up, Struthers is startled by a noise. He looks at the source of the noise, then says, "I hate that rabbit". This is an oft-repeated tagline of Yosemite Sam, directed at Bugs Bunny in numerous cartoons.


Lake Placid 2

Lake Placid 2