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The mutant alligator is the natural threat animal of the 1991 natural horror/monster film Alligator II: The Mutation . It was once a normal alligator, but was mutated by the Future Chemicals dumped in the sewers of the city by Vincent Brown.

Alligator 2: The Mutation

The Mutant Alligator made its debut in the film unseen, killing and devouring a pair of Mexican fisherman brothers. One of their legs was found by police, and local detective and hero to the Mexican population David Hodges began top investigate, quickly identifying the Mutant Alligator's presence with the helkp of his wife, the coroner, and ultimately the beast itself when it made an appearance and killed a homeless old man's friend. Hodges, teaming up with rookie cop Rich Harmon, tried to kill it, but none of their efforts against it were effective, even two sticks of dynamite didn't even slow it down. Local tycoon Vincent Brown, who was responsible for the mutant alligator's condition, summoned professional alligator hunter Shai "Hawk" Hawkins, and his crew to kill the beast, but they too failed, with the Mutant Alligator devouring three of them, including Hawk's brother, prompting the vengeful hunter to join up with Hodges and Harmon when they saved him. Hawk aided them with his experience and instinct, which allowed them to intercept the Mutant Alligator in the sewers and nearly blast it to pieces with six sticks of dynamite, but it swallowed them, chewing up the detonator. It continued on its way, undisturbed, until it reached the lake area, which was teaming with people. Wreacking chaos, the Mutant Alligator killed Vincent Brown's right-hand man, as well as devoured him after he fell in the water. As Hodges, Harmon, and Hawk pursued it to the center of the lake, its turned the boat over and devoured Hawk after killing him in a fierce, bloody tustle, before returning to its nest in the sewers.  Its was later tracked down to there by Hodges and Harmon, thanks to the intel Hawk had earlier provided. Both of them armed with rock launchers, Harmon's shot missed, but Hodges' blasted the top of its head of, detonating the dynamite and blowing the rest of the Mutant Alligator's body to pieces, killing it.

Physical Capabilities

The Mutant Alligator's size was comparable to its predecessor, Ramone, though it demonstrated no physical feats impressive compared to him. However, it did demonstrate remarkable durability, able to withstand two sticks of dynamite and a large amount of cement falling on top of it without being fazed.


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