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Primeval is a 2007 horror film which was released on January 12, 2007. The film was inspired by the true story of Gustave, a 1 ton, 20 foot (6 meter) giant, man-eating crocodile in Burundi.


A news team is sent to Burundi to capture and bring home a legendary 25-foot crocodile. Their difficult task turns potentially deadly when a warlord targets them for death.


  • Dominic Purcell as Tim Manfrey
  • Brooke Langton as Aviva Masters
  • Orlando Jones as Steven Johnson
  • Jürgen Prochnow as Jacob Krieg
  • Gideon Emery as Mathew Collins
  • Gabriel Malema as Jojo
  • Linda Mpondo as Gold Tooth


The film's promotional trailer dubs Gustave a "serial killer", who has claimed more than 300 victims and "remains at large". It is compared to Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac Killer with his non-human status never mentioned except for a brief line where the narrator says, "He's real, but he's not human." A shortened version of this trailer does not contain this at all. However, in the trailer, a crocodile, presumably Gustave, briefly flashes on screen. The promotional poster similarly calls Gustave "the most prolific serial killer in history". The film's official website rarely makes any mention that the killer is in fact a crocodile.


The film gained negative reception, gaining a 19% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


Filming commenced in April 2006 in South Africa.

Another crocodile horror film, Rogue, had to be pushed back until Fall 2007 because of the film's similarities with Primeval.


  • During the chasing scene in the swamps you can hear squealing tires although there is only sand and grass.
  • When the crew is in the tent, Tim hands Steven a bottle of beer. The camera cuts to Aviva talking, and when it cuts back to Steven he is drinking from a can.
  • After crashing against the crocodile, the front part of the pick-up truck that Tim drives is not damaged at all.
  • Errors in crocodile biology: Crocodiles don't roar, they have no vocal cords (although they do hiss). They also can't see from underwater at night, nor can they swallow underwater.