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Supercroc is a 2007 American monster movie directed by Scott Harper. It's about a 50 feet long crocodile that attacks a city.


A team of soldiers must stop a giant, bloodthirsty crocodile from reaching a nearby city, while trying to avoid being a meal for the beast themselves.


  • Cynthia Rose Hall as Pvt. Celia Perez
  • Matthew Blashaw as Capt. Joe Lynch
  • Kim Little as Dr. Leah Perrot
  • David Novak as General McFadden
  • Kristen Quintrall as Lt. Henche
  • Marat Glazer as Maj. Falk
  • Noel Thurman as Reynolds
  • Steven Glinn as Jackson
  • Allen Duncan as Quinn
  • Michael Tower as McCoy


  • It's 50 feet long... It's 25 feet tall... And in 14 hours it will be HERE!


The film has received negative reviews from critics. The film currently holds a rating of 15% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.


Supercroc (Full Movie - Horror - 2007)

Supercroc (Full Movie - Horror - 2007)