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Supergator is a 2007 horror film from Roger Corman starring Brad Johnson and Kelly McGillis. 


Professor Scott Kimsy is an American geologist monitoring a local volcano when the Supergator, a Deinosuchus recreated from fossilized, preserved DNA escapes from a secret bio-engineering research center/laboratory. Along the way, it eats many people, including two lovers, three drunken teens, three models, two tourists and a fisherman. It also eats Alexandra Stevens and Ryan Houston.

Kinney joins forces with another scientist, Kim Taft, and a Texan alligator hunter. They pursue the monster as it heads down river intent on destroying a luxurious resort packed with hundreds of tourists. Conventional weapons have no effect on it at all and Kim is eaten, so they, with the help of Carla, plan a trap for it using a fake volcano. They lure him on to it, with the Texan alligator hunter as live bait. The Supergator gets him and is blown up with poisonous gas, strong flames and a shotgun.


After Corman produced Dinocroc in 2004, he wanted to create a sequel to be named Dinocroc 2. However, Sci-Fi Channel turned down the project after claiming that sequels did not do well for them. Corman decided to go ahead with the project, but under the name Supergator.


The film has received negative reviews from critics.


  • Screenwriters Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (Feast, Saw IV) appear briefly during the attack on the luau. Dunstan is one of the people eaten by the gator.