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The Great Alligator River, originally Il fiume del grande caimano and also known as Alligators, Big Alligator River and The Big Caimano River, is a 1979 Italian adventure film directed by Sergio Martino.


Tourists on a tropical island anger an island god, who turns himself into a giant alligator and stalks them.


  • Barbara Bach as Alice Brandt
  • Claudio Cassinelli as Daniel Nessel
  • Mel Ferrer as Joshua
  • Richard Johnson as Prophet Jameson
  • Romano Puppo as Peter
  • Anny Papa as Laura
  • Enzo Fisichella as Maurice, lover of Minou's Mother
  • Lory Del Santo as Jane
  • Clara Colosimo as Tourist


  • German Import DVD has a Super-8 Version (German language only), as a special feature on the disc.
  • A clip of this movie is on "The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made" DVD Region 1 NTSC.


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